Best Laptops in India (2023) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Best Laptops in India (2023) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best laptop in india

Today, a laptop has become a necessity in life. It is true that you have tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, but these devices have their own limitations.

Choosing the best laptop can be a confusing affair. A lot of factors go into deciding the ideal laptop.

You have many options available on the market. Sometimes you can get involved in this matter. This comprehensive buying guide offers to make your work easier.

If you have any questions about laptop selection, post them in the comments section, and I will definitely reply.

We recommend you to read the Laptop Buying Guide at the end of the article to get in-depth knowledge about all the Best laptop technologies.


Best Laptop in India

1. Lenovo Legion Y540 – 81SY00C7IN

This laptop comes with a powerful GPU, NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphic card making it one of the best gaming laptops available in India. The revolutionary GPU architecture and GTX platform enhance the gaming experience to a completely different level and give you a good feel for gaming.

The Y540 in this laptop is different due to the Legion Comfort feature which ensures cooler system temperature. This laptop comes with four thermal vents to improve airflow. Dedicated heat sinks cooler keyboards to ensure temperature, enabling overall great performance.

This laptop has Dolby Atmos to provide an all-round acoustic experience. The new Sound Radar Overlay feature gives it a competitive edge over its rivals, and gives you a good feel for listening to songs and listening to video as well as the sound of the game.

The Lenovo Legion Y540 is available in different combinations. The 81SY00C7IN is one of its best gaming laptops because of its high-quality graphics card and 1TB RD storage. Here is the Lenovo Legion Y540 81SY00C7IN configuration.

This laptop quad-core processor displays a base speed of 2.4 GHz, one of its fastest laptops. In addition, the 8 MB smart cache allows the most demanding Triple-A titles to run smoothly.

This Y540 is one of the best. The 1TB SSD drive makes it one of the fastest laptops among its peers.

These laptops allow us to pack more than two million pixels in a 15-inch FHD display. The anti-glare screen can handle 250 nits brightness and has a 60 Hz refresh rate to deliver a great gaming experience, so it is one of the best laptops.

2. HP Pavilion x360 – 14-dh1006TU

When it comes to delivering high-quality performance at all times, very few laptops can match up to the HP Pavilion x360. This touchscreen-capable convertible, so it is a good laptop.

This laptop comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 processor which has some latest features. Intel’s Dynamic Platform helps computers easily transfer power levels, leading to great performance and cordial skin temperatures.

This laptop comes with a 14-inch HD SVA anti-glare touchscreen WLED display to enhance your viewing experience. Integrated UHD graphics enhance the happiness quotient of your entertainment content.

This laptop’s 360-degree flexibility makes this laptop an excellent one to use in tight spaces like when you are traveling. You can detach the keyboard and use the computer as a tablet.

This laptop is an excellent performer due to its 256 GB SSD storage capacity. This ensures completion of heavy workload without compromising on battery life.

It is a touchscreen convertible laptop with excellent features. The HP Pavilion x360 is easy to work with due to its user-friendly functions. Thus, it qualifies as one of the best 14-inch laptops available in India in 2020.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad S340 – 81VV008TIN

Lenovo IdeaPad S340 is one of the best laptops in India due to its high level of portability. This laptop’s 14-inch FHD screen makes it a compact device to fit inside your backpack and reduces the available space to accommodate a larger keyboard.

If we ask you about its processing capability, then the S340 is a 10th gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. This processor learns and accepts with DLB (Deep Learning Boost). As compatible with Thunderbolt and Wi-Fi 6, this laptop ensures superfast connectivity.

This laptop 8 GB RAM makes this laptop an ideal for multitasking. It also has excellent storage in the form of 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD.

This laptop is equipped with integrated graphics capable of supporting 4K resolution and 1080p gaming, although this laptop does not feature an independent GPU card.

The 14-inch screen with anti-glare technology and IPS ensures a great visual experience. Touch screen models are also available on some of the S340 brands.

Another special feature of Lenovo S340 is its Excellent battery life. This laptop provides up to eight hours of battery life with an additional eight hours in standby mode.

Lenovo is one of the best selling laptop brands in India. It offers a range of user-friendly laptops that are popular among the student community and working professionals. This Lenovo IdeaPad 340 is available with various configurations.

4. MacBook Pro 13-inch

The MacBook Pro is a multifunctional laptop that enables various activities such as editing high-resolution photos, creating codes and running virtual machines, editing videos and experiencing excellent playback, creating professional-quality music, and playing graphics-intensive games is.

This laptop quad-core Intel Core i7 processor has a turbo-boost clock speed of 4.5 GHz, thus it is faster than contemporary laptops.

The MacBook Pro features a 4-core 10th generation Intel processor capable of delivering up to 80% faster graphics performance. Its memory capacity is expandable up to 32 GB, ensuring faster performance.

This laptop provides high-quality acoustic performance with three inbuilt mixes to clearly capture your voice for facial calls and interact with Siri.

This MacBook features a specially designed magic keyboard with a sophisticated scissor mechanism. A dedicated escape key enables the user to comfortably switch between different modes and views.

It is compatible with the MacBook Pro Thunderbolt 3 which integrates data transfer, video output, and is capable of delivering bandwidth speeds of up to 40 Gbps in a single connected charge.

The Sidecar feature allows you to expand your workspace by converting your iPad into a secondary Mac display unit. Screen sharing is possible to make it easier to work on the iPad. This MacBook is also compatible with your iPhone.

The Iris Plus graphics processor provides up to 80% faster graphics performance to ensure simple video editing, smooth gaming, and quick 3D rendering. In addition, this laptop has excellent storage options up to 4 TB SSD with a gradual read and write speed of 3.0 GB / sec.

The best aspect of this MacBook is its retina display that delivers dark black and bright white with P3 wide color support. Truetone technology enhances the viewing experience by adjusting the color temperature to suit the ambient.

Apple MacBooks are unique due to their outstanding features. Although the device has a 13-inch screen, it performs on par with its stunning competitors. Its incredible features make the MacBook Pro a valuable business for students and working professionals.

The MacBook Pro is a portable powerhouse because it packs a powerful punch with a new level of performance. As it weighs 1.4 kg, it is one of the lightest devices in your bag.

List Of Top 5 Best Laptops In India 2020

  • Lenovo Legion Y540 – 81SY00C7IN
  • HP Pavilion x360 – 14-dh1006TU
  • Lenovo IdeaPad S340 – 81VV008TIN
  • MacBook Pro 13-inch

Keep these things in mind when buying a laptop

As we saw that you are looking for a thin and light laptop. So we have discussed only light and thin laptop in this post, which will help you in getting the Top & Best laptop.


Focus your attention on a thin laptop. Laptop Any computer with a screen size below 14 inches can comfortably fit in your backpack without creating any strain on your back and shoulders.

Although 13 to 13.5-inch screen sizes should be ideal, some 14-inch laptops are thinner and lighter due to advances in technology.


You can opt for 10thgen Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 CPU with integrated graphics. In addition to the additional graphics card, you will need to install cooling infrastructure on your laptop. It can also increase the overall weight.

The 10th gen CPU with integrated iris graphics can deliver high-quality graphics performance without compromising on the laptop’s weight.


Determine the weight of the laptop. If you have HDD storage, the weight of the computer automatically increases. Therefore, it is advisable to seek SSD storage.

SSD can be expensive compared to HDDs, but they reduce weight, increase processing speed, and increase the overall durability of a laptop.

Portable laptops should not weigh more than 1.5kg. You have excellent products weighing less than 1.10kg today that can fit comfortably in any backpack.


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